About Me

Call me Ace

Aloha and welcome to my blog. It took some time but I have finally decided that I needed to start a players blog so that I can document my journey through understanding game and Redpill in general.

I am a (hopefully) up-and-coming pickup artist (PUA) living and working in Hawaii. I am not native born but I have lived here comfortably now for over 8 years. I am familiar with the local vibe and have no intention of leaving this beautiful state. My intention for this blog is to accurately document my successes and failures in pickup as well as share my unique experiences to Hawaii and specifically Honolulu / Oahu.

My Story

Due to the need for anonymity I will not be getting into too many details about my personal life however, I will go over my general introduction to Game. I am in my mid thirties now and a few years ago I went through a life altering experience that many men are unfortunately intimately experienced in: Divorce.

After about 7 years of dating my ex, she dropped the divorce bomb on me Christmas of 2020. I took it extremely hard. 2020 was not an easy year for most people on the planet due to the pandemic and I was no exception. After getting fired and then barely scraping by with another dead end job I was dealt the coup de grace and immediately found myself alone in my sorrow on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean with no family or friends to support me.

Long story short, I discovered the Redpill in my desire to pick up the pieces of my life. This ultimately led me down the rabbit hole of the pickup community while I was feverishly working to level up all aspects of my life. Over time, my situation improved as I found myself surrounded by new friends, hobbies, and an active and healthy lifestyle that supported my personal growth into becoming the Alpha version of myself I always knew I could be.

Nowadays, I see a complete change in my situation and outlook of life. I am indeed no longer the man I was before. I am not by any means a master PUA. I am at best at the journeyman level. My real goal is to level up my pickup skills along with other aspects of my life. Pickup and seduction will never be the entire focus of my life but I feel it will always be important to me. A tool in my repertoire so to speak. This blog will help me (and hopefully others) grow in that area and I am excited to see what the future will bring… either way I’m ALL IN!

One final note. I want to give a giant THANK YOU to the following members of the pickup community for inspiring me to work on my game and level up my life:

RedPill Dad

The Red Quest




There are many awesome PUAs out there that have helped me by sharing their wisdom but these guys have really motivated me the most!

…and a special shout out to Red Quest for his inspiring post on starting your players blog! This really was the kick in the ass I needed to get this thing up and running. Chances are these masters of game will never stumble across my blog, but if they do they absolutely deserve some credit for the hard work they put in.