First official post… A weekend recap

OK so this is my first official blog post and although I have a lot I can write about in terms of my recent experiences and previous successes and failures prior to this weekend.. it would be too much to cram into one post. This post specifically will cover two nights of activities that happened most recently this past weekend. In the future I may to some throwback posts to past experiences that I feel can be examined.

Night 1 – Local bar and making new friends

A buddy of mine had been suggesting we check out a bar that is close to his place and Night 1 was my first exposure to it.

The bar itself was comfortable and had some decent live music. Unfortunately the relative age was 10+ years older than us (and we are in our thirties). My buddy assured me that the younger crowd takes over as the night goes on, as the bar is open until 4am.

Interestingly, a friend of his happened to be there to celebrate her 53rd bday so we were invited to join their group. Obviously it was an older crowd so not much in the way of prospects at first but I still had a good time meeting new people. This is common in Hawaii btw. It is an island after all and you do tend to bump into the same people from time to time.

After some time and a few free shots later, a group of girls show up who are visiting a friend who is friends with the bday girl. I’d say they were all 5’s and 6’s with one 7 who looked very much into the girl she was with in the most eye-catching way possible. I opened them both with a simple “How do you know the bday girl” or some such line. As we continued to talk it was clear she enjoyed the conversation but was still actively touching her lady friend. I told her that they make a cute couple and they both giggled at that.

In my mind it was a small gambit to see their reaction. I didn’t get any kind of denial statement so I assumed my read was correct although it is possible they are not a couple but was not interested enough to qualify themselves to me. Ah well.

Lavender Dress

During this time my buddy pointed out to me one girl in a lavender dress that he was attracted to. Eventually he went to the other side of the table to chat with a friend of his and low and behold LD girl ended up sitting next to me. I greeted her and we started talking about how she is visiting from NYC with her girlfriends and her experiences in Hawaii so far.

Now I should say that I had absolutely no intention of stealing away this girl all for myself. I am not that kinda guy and to be honest I wasn’t very attracted to her. My intention was to see if her and her friends wanted to join us for karaoke tomorrow night and hopefully get to set my friend up with a win. LD girl was all about the idea and sounded enthusiastic when I suggested we exchange info.

Here is where I fuck up. Immediately after I mention that she gets excited and says something to the effect of “Yea! let me get your number!” and whips out her phone. Now, as any experienced player will tell you, do NOT give your number out but TAKE her number instead. Chances are she will forget all about you in the blur of alcohol and guys that the night brings and you will never hear from her again (or at least that has been my experience). It always is a better option to get her info then shoot her a reminder text later, preferably with a reference to a memorable association.

Anywho, I give her my info and surprise surprise I never hear from her. Doh.

Cold approach – two girls vaping

Later in the evening my friend and I are outside to get some air. During our chat he spots two girls he likes. IMO they are a HB5 and HB6 but keep in mind my standards are higher than my friend’s. My buddy kinda looks to me for advice in these situations as I am pretty well established in my social circle already as “the man” or “that guy” who gets hot girls or whatever. Either way I am trying my best to teach him what I have learned about game and how to approach women. He want’s to go talk to these girls and good for him, who am I to say no?

On the approach my buddy and I walk up and just casually say hello. We have not gone over any openers or anything together and to be honest I tend to just wing it anyways. We immediately get a “We’re not interested” from the hotter of the two girls, as she waves us a way dismissively. Now your typical AFT would be done already at this point and I can see some anxiety already creeping up on my friend. This is where you stand firm gentleman. I kept smiling and said something along the lines of “we are all here to meet people and have a good time” and proceed to inquire about their evening and whether this is their “go to” spot as I have never been here before and was interested in their opinion of it, introducing ourselves along the way.

The friend picks up on the energy and me and her begin a dialog about her favorite bars in the area. The ambient temperature warms up considerably and the bitchy hotter friend is now actively talking to my buddy. Nice.

My conversation with the other girl turns to tattoos and she explains her back tattoo to me. She turns to show me and her hair is down blocking most of it. Fuck up #2: As she turned to show me her back tattoo, she doesn’t lift her hair out of the way. IOI and perfect opportunity to establish kino by moving her hair myself by my nice-guy-blue-pill mentality still creeps up from time to time and I ask her to show me instead. DOH. opportunity wasted.

After some short dialog we excuse ourselves and head over to talk to some other friends of ours. This is something that I’m not 100% sure I did correctly. Now normally I would go for a number close but since we are at the same bar I had the intention to meet up with them later on inside and escalate from there. Turns out they ended up leaving early. Did I fuck up here? Hmm…

Nothing much else of note that night.

Night 2 – Chill night out turns to all night club affair

Night 2 was… interesting. It all started with an invite to do some karaoke with a HB7 friend of mine that I had previously friend zoned but now am considering actively pursuing. Unfortunately she had to leave early that night. Our group consisted of my same friend from Night 1 and a few other guys and girls that we know. After a small dose of drama trying to take care of someone who couldn’t hold their alcohol the group broke apart and my buddy and I were left to ourselves for the evening. The two of us ended up at a hole in the wall bar to plan the rest of the evening.

Miss Scientist

To be honest the bar we were at sucked but we had some great service from the attractive bartenders and met a pretty cool guy that was the chapter president of a motorcycle club. Really interesting dude. At some point before we leave I get to chatting with one of the bartenders. A petite, Asian girl in lingerie. Very cute, HB7 in my book. Turns out we have a lot to talk about and she is asking me about my tattoos and what brought me to Hawaii… the usual stuff.

Here is a question for you more experienced social media savvy players out there: How do you feel about taking a girls Instagram info? Personally I always prefer to get a phone number as I’m sure most guys do. I’m not too active on IG but I have a few good posts to DHV. Nothing too exciting though. I feel like most attractive women get bombarded with DMs and use it for validation with maybe the occasional actual interest in someone. Anyway we exchange IG info. As of this writing she seems to be actively responding to my DMs but only time will tell if she is actually interested or just likes the attention. Her IG is full of sexy photo shoots of her in a lab coat. Turns out she’s into Biology… interesting.

The Club

Not really much to report on here. We met a few cool girls that were here for their friends bachelorete party. They were both engaged… still had some really good conversation though and I’m always down for that. Worst case scenario I never see them again but get practice being a cool social guy to talk to.

We also met a lesbian couple from Vegas. Not bisexual though 😦

My buddy got a phone number, and I got a parking ticket. Clubs aren’t my strong suit, and I often get annoyed with the crowd and how overpriced everything is. Perhaps I’m out of practice. Perhaps I’m getting too old. It is something that I would like to work on though.

…and that’s about it. Pretty quiet weekend. A few mistakes and lessons learned along with one possible lead. My friend and I still had a great time and I know he is happy with the amount of practice he had. We will see how next time goes!


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